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Since our last review of Snakebite's "Ready To Rock" in 2003, not much has changed in the line-up of the band. I see a new name, Wilhelm Brusell on rhythm guitar, but all the other Teddy Boy Rockers are still here, and that's actually quite amazing for a rock 'n' roll band that's been together for so long. The last release of Snakebite dates back to 2004, when they had a 10" limited vinyl titled "Teddy Boy". So yes, it was about time the Teds from Sweden came up with something new, but as you all know, good work takes time!

And here it is, the new 2007 release "Still A Lot Of Rockin'", with 7 new selfpenned originals written by Anders Hilmersson and Stefan Jägermyr. The latter doesn't seem to be in the band's regular line-up anymore, but he's still mentioned in the "thank you" section of the liner notes. The CD was recorded at Musikskolan in Arvika, Sweden, in May 2006 and February 2007.

So, let's give it spin to hear what the boys came up with. The album hits off with a fast paced rocker titled "Bip Bop Boom", orginally by Mickey Hawks. A great stomping opener that'll get you on your feet right off. Next are 2 of Hilly's songs "Bachelor Bop" & "Teddyboy Flu" in the well known European Teddy Boy style, rock your socks off! Same goes for Stefan's "Rockabilly Beat". No time to slow down the pace, Snakebite keeps on rockin' with "Just For You" before presenting a classic from rockabilly originator Lew Williams "Bop Bop A Do Bop" (sometimes referred to as "Classroom Hop").

Let's take it a little bit easier for a sec (just a little mind you) with Stephan's bluesy "Red Light District", featuring Hilly on the Bluesharp. Ronnie Self's "Bop-A-Lena" is always a treat, the rhythm gets into your soul and Anders plays a mean guitar as usual. Time for a bit of Sun Sound. Warren Smith's "Ubangi Stomp" never fails to impress, and given a Teddy Boy treatment, this is still a great song 51 years after it's original release.

Here come 3 more songs from Hilly's pen. "If You Wanna", "Ape Man Boogie" and "Like Lightning" are straight forward Teddy Boy songs. Hey, I'm a Teddy Boy, I dig it! Well, of course every great Ted album needs a tribute to the originators of the Crazy Rhythm Sound, so here's one from Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers titled "Big Black Cadillac", written by Lyndon Needs. To wrap up the album, last song is Chuck Berry's "21 Blues", all rock 'n' roll with lots of Chuck Berry guitar riffs, a great song and a fabulous hommage to one of the Godfathers of rock 'n' roll. Be sure to play this album VERY LOUD. Well done guys, keep rocking that Teddy Boy Stomp!

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007

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